Java Service Wrapper Survey
Thank you very much for using the Java Service Wrapper.

As mentioned in our previous survey, we are reviewing our list of supported platforms.
Based on the answers to our survey, we found that some platforms have very few or no users. We are planning to stop support for those platforms in our next major release.

Below you will find the list of platforms we are planning to stop supporting, so if you are using them, please make sure to let us know as soon as possible.

We are also planning on raising the minimum supported OS versions for certain platforms, so please indicate if you are using versions older than these.

Your accurate feedback is very appreciated and extremely important.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
The email address will allow us to contact you about your responses and will not be used for other sales purposes.
The collected information is for our internal use only.
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Platforms considered to discontinue support. Please select if you are currently using one of the below:
Currently using
Linux armel 32-bit
Linux PPC-BE
Linux Itanium
Windows Itanium
IBM z/Linux s390/s390x
IBM z/OS s3909/s390x
For each of the platforms above, please specify which OS versions you are using and for how long you plan to keep using them.
We are also planning to build the Wrapper on more modern machines for the following OSs. This means that the compatibility with older versions will not be guaranteed anymore. Please mark if you are using older versions than those specified below.
Currently using older version
AIX: upgrade from ver. 5.3 to ver. 7.1
FreeBSD: upgrade from ver. 6 to 10
Solaris x86: upgrade from ver. 9 to 11
Macintosh: upgrade from OSX 10.5 to OSX 10.9
Windows: upgrade to XP SP3
Linux x86 32-bit: upgrade from libc ver. 2.3.6 to ver. 2.13 (*)
* On Linux, you can get the libc version by running the "ldd --version" command. You may paste the output below:
If you are using an OS version older than the ones specified above, please describe below and include how long you plan on using them.
Please specify which type(s) of license you are using. *
Please write here any feedback about the Java Service Wrapper you may have:
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