Questionnaire-Ban on plastics
Dear Students, The College has initiated this interactive exercise "Igniting Minds" to make learning more broad-based. Your enthusiastic participation would help to make this program a success.
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How often do you use plastic bags? *
In a week, how many plastics bags do you use or obtain? *
Where do you usually obtain your plastic bags? *
Rank 1-6 where do you think most plastic bags is used? *
What do you do with plastic bags? *
Do you think plastic is useful or a nuisance? *
Do you think we should use biodegradable plastic bags or plastic alternatives *
Do you know if plastic can be recycled in your city? *
Are Anti-plastic laws good for the ecosystem? *
Are Anti-plastic laws implemented and followed properly by the Government, citizens, businesses alike? *
In your opinion, is the plastic ban been a boon or bane? *
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