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Each Confirmation candidate will choose a sponsor - that's you! - who will be their companion on the rest of their spiritual journey. A Confirmation Sponsor is a Catholic role model, a mentor, and a resource. If you've been chosen as a sponsor, please know that you're already in my prayers!

-Megan Arteaga, Youth Ministry Coordinator

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If you are NOT a registered member of the Church of Santa Maria, Orinda, you must request a letter from the pastor of your current parish attesting to your ability to be a sponsor for the Sacrament of Confirmation. You may do so by calling or visiting the Parish Office of your current parish and requesting that such a letter be sent to the Church of Santa Maria (Attn: Megan Arteaga, 40 Santa Maria Way, Orinda CA 94563). This letter must arrive no later than May 1.
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Proof of Confirmation
A scan of both the front and back of your Baptismal Certificate is appropriate. You may also request from your church of baptism a new copy to be mailed to the Church of Santa Maria (Attn: Megan Arteaga, 40 Santa Maria Way, Orinda CA 94563) no later than May 1.
Typing your name below signifies that you declare that you are living such a life as is described above and that you will be a long-term spiritual guide and mentor for your candidate.
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