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About the EARS Foster to Adopt (FTA) program
Please read and indicate below that you understand the EARS Foster to Adopt (FTA) program
Congratulations on joining the EARS Foster to Adopt (FTA) program! EARS fully vets and spays/neuters all rescue pets before any adoption can be finalized. The "Foster to Adopt" program is designed for young rescue animals who are not yet ready for spay/neuter or rescue pets with health/behavior problems who have not been cleared for adoption. The FTA program allows animals to be able to move into their future adoptive homes while still under the guardianship and care of EARS. (This program is NOT to be used as a trial period to see if the pet is a good fit in the adopters home!) At the appropriate age (usually 6 months) EARS will have young rescue pets spayed/neutered, you the adopter will pay the adoption fee, and the adoption will be finalized! Alternately, when your foster to adopt pet's health and/or behavior has been cleared for adoption, you the adopter will pay the adoption fee, and the adoption will be finalized.
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Some things you will need to know.... The young pets will have started the vaccination process while in their foster home but it is up to you as the future adopter to make appointments and take your pet to the vet for all necessary vaccine boosters and vet care. (Please ask when the next booster is due if the information hasn't already been provided). All puppies and kittens under 4 months of age require 3 sets of DAPP vaccinations plus a rabies vaccination to be fully vaccinated. It is very important to keep these appointments as missing one can mean having to start vaccinations over, which can be costly to the rescue and may put the pet at risk for contracting preventable disease. It is also your responsibility to inform your EARS contact person of appointments made or missed. *
*EARS covers costs (at our partner vets) of all vaccines, de-worming, spay/neuter, and emergency visits. All other vet visits, procedures, and tests will require permission in advance from the Board of Directors. *
Section 1: About you and your family
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If you are applying to adopt a dog, do you have a fenced and secured yard or dog run? *
Please list ages of ALL members residing in your home, including tenants and roommates. *
Is everyone living in the home in agreement on adopting a new pet? *
Are there any known allergies to animals in the home? *
For pets that you have previously owned but are no longer with you, please explain the reasoning: *
Do you currently own or co-own any pets? *
If yes, please list names, breeds, age, and sex below (if "no" please enter N/A): *
Are your current pets spayed and/or neutered? *
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How many hours per day on average is the family away from home? *
If over 8 hours away from home do you have a plan in place for bathroom breaks if needed? *
Where will your new pet be kept when they are left at home alone? *
Will this pet be mainly: *
What activity level are you looking for? *
Do you plan on docking/declawing/pinning? *
How often would you expect to visit a veterinarian with your pet? *
How much do you estimate basic care for your pet will cost per year? *
If your pet starts to display training or behavioral issues, please explain what type of help you could seek and ways you could correct these issues. *
What do you plan to do if the pet you have adopted does not get along with other pets in your home? *
Do you understand that it may take some time for your new pet to settle in and adjust to a new home? *
What are your primary reasons for wanting to adopt an animal from EARS? *
Is there any other information that you would like to provide to assist the EARS adoption committee in making the decision to approve your application? *
How did you find out about Edson Animal Rescue Society and this pet you are planning on adopting? *
From time to time EARS may require temporary foster care for a rescue pet. Are you interested in becoming a temporary foster home? *
Section 2: About the pet you are interested in adopting!
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Are their any bylaws in your area that will limit the amount/type/breed of pet you are allowed at your residence or in your town/county/province? *
Edson Animal Rescue Society reviews and processes Foster to Adopt applications on a first come, first serve basis. Incomplete applications are subject to being delayed for approval or dismissed without notice on the occasion where multiple applications are received for a single pet who is available for foster to adopt. Do you agree to ensure that your application is complete and all questions are answered honestly and to the best of your ability? *
Section 3: Foster to Adopt (FTA) / Adoption contract
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this foster to adopt application. We want to ensure that all of our animals find their forever home and we appreciate your patience during the adoption process. Please understand that animals who come into our care may come from unknown origin and background. Some animals have been abused, neglected or have been in foster care for some time. We cannot guarantee that the animal's behavior will not change once in your care. EARS will try to gather as much information as possible to make the transition as easy as possible. The animals's behavior and traits are based through observation only at times. Age, breed and health are only based on the history that the previous owners, rescue or spay/neuter clinic have supplied to the best of their abilities. If there is something noticeable or if a vet finds something on a wellness check, EARS with provide funds for care and vetting as long as the animal is in our care. EARS will not knowingly adopt out a sick or injured animal or one with extremely severe behavioral issues without first providing full disclosure about the animals and ensuring that the animal goes to an appropriate home with the experience and resources to care for such an animal. Adopting an animal is a serious commitment. Cats and Dogs can live for 10+ years and we would like to ensure all adoptive applicants are aware of, will and able to accept the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities of pet ownership for the life of the pet. Please check the box below to signify that you have read and understand this statement *
Please check the following
Once adopted, If for any reason I am unable to keep my foster to adopt animal and I find a new home for the animal, I agree to inform EARS of the change of ownership and I will provide contact information from the new owner. If I cannot find another loving home for the adopted animal, I agree to surrender the animal back to EARS. I understand that I may be charged a surrender fee. *
I agree to be solely responsible for any damage caused to any person, animal or property by my adopted animal. I hereby waive Edson Animal Rescue Society (EARS) and its representatives of responsibility unless found to be negligent. *
Please read and sign the following statements:
*please note, your electronic signature will be taken as indication of your agreement and understanding of Edson Animal Rescue Society (EARS) foster to adopt (fta) application policy and contract
I hereby agree to the conditions on the adoption of the animal described. (Signature required) *
I hereby submit that the the information provided is true, and I understand that EARS has the right to deny my application and that this application must be completed in full. Breach of any of the above conditions constitutes a violation of the adoption contract and may result in the removal of the adopted animal from the adoptive household. (Signature required) *
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