2020 - 2021 BSCES Model Bridge Registration
Please fill out the below questions to register your school for the 2020/2021 Model Bridge Competition. Note that the competition is virtual this year, and each student can make their own bridge.

2021 Model Bridge Competition - February 6th
(YouTube Live broadcast)

• Registration open now until December 18, 2020 at midnight
• The handbook, containing all specifications, rules and logistics, will be released 10/26/2020.
• Materials will be shipped to educators associated with competitors within 2 weeks of registration
• Shipping of materials will start October 30, 2021, following a kickoff meeting at noon on that day
• Models must be completed for pickup by 9 AM January 27, 2021
• Competition will be broadcast on YouTube from 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturday, January 30, 2021
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School / Group Address *
this is the address we will be sending materials to, so please include city, state and postal code.
How many models do you plan to have ready for the competition? *
This is an approximate number used to help us estimate the total number of models at the event and can be adjusted once registration begins until December 18 for increases. This year, models will be built by individuals instead of teams.
Can you attend the kickoff meeting on October 30th?
There will be a one hour Microsoft Teams meeting on Friday October 30th. Invitations will follow after registration. We are all "feeling our way through" this year's competition and we are all looking forward to your input!
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Do you want to have a virtual mentor?
IMPORTANT: Mentoring will work a little different than in previous years. Everything will be virtual. All of our mentors will have CORI checks and will take an awareness training about creating safe experiences for children ("Stewards of Children" - www.fliptheswitchcampaign.org)
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