ILAIMH 2019-20 Reflective Practice Groups Application
(October 2019- July 2020)
In 2019-20, ILAIMH is offering two Reflective Practice Groups for multidisciplinary practitioners who are working with young children, birth through 5 years, and their families. Separate groups for multi-level professionals will be located in Bloomington/Normal IL and Edwardsville IL.

Relationship-based Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs) offer professional development opportunities and are designed to support and strengthen the practitioner’s experience with and understanding of Reflective Practice and the Infant Mental Health approach.

ILAIMH Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs) are facilitated by experienced I/ECMH credentialed professionals with knowledge of the core competencies of infant/early childhood mental health practice.

There are a total of 10 monthly two-hour meetings, and participants are asked to make a commitment to attend all ten groups. Reflective Practice requires regularity and the establishment of trusting relationships among participants to support a safe reflective learning experience

Participants discuss their own work experiences with others in the field, present one case study, and have opportunities to connect with professionals in their region.

Participants who successfully complete all 10 Reflective Practice Group sessions can receive up to 12 hours of Reflective Supervision credit towards the 60 hours required to apply for ILAIMH’s Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Credential (for more information about the Credential see

Early Intervention credits are available upon request and are subject to the approval of Illinois Provider Connections.

Please note: Absences are discouraged and decrease the number of Reflective Supervision hours awarded. One hour of Reflective Supervision credit is subtracted for each absence. No Reflective Supervision hours will be awarded for more than two absences.
Eligibility Requirements:

o Currently working with young children; birth to 5 years, and their families
o Preferred: Master’s degree or above in: social work, psychology, counseling, infant/early childhood development and education, pediatrics, nursing, physical, occupational, speech/language therapy. Or, BA degree and 8 or more years of experience working with children ages birth-5 years and their families..

Note: Applicants who are currently working in the field of Infancy/Early Childhood who do not meet these eligibility requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please explain in resume and application narrative.
Application due date:
October 21, 2019 (for Edwardsville)
Next Steps:
1) Complete application

2) Email resume to

3) Applicants for the Bloomington/Normal group will be informed on or before October 3, 2019.
Applicants for the Edwardsville group will be informed on or before October 23, 2019.
$20/group - $200 over ten months

Group participants must be current members of ILAIMH.
If you are not a current member, please go to and click on “join”.
Expectations for group participants:
-Commit to attending 10 monthly two-hour group sessions, arrive on time, adhere to the guidelines set forth by the facilitator in conjunction with ILAIMH, and pay fees in a timely manner
* Please note: the first $100 payment is due one week before the first group meeting; the second $100
payment is due before the fifth group meeting

-Communicate with your facilitator (and, as needed, with other group members) in a clear and timely manner regarding questions or concerns about group issues, schedules, etc.

-Commit to participation in the group through reflection and sharing of work experiences

-Present one case to be discussed with the group

-Learn about the basic competencies and conceptual framework of ILAIMH’s infant/early childhood mental health Credential
-Complete a group evaluation survey upon completion the tenth group
Commitment of ILAIMH:
-Increase access to Reflective Practice opportunities for multidisciplinary infant/early childhood practitioners who are -located in areas of Illinois and/or in work settings with few resources

-Offer relationship-based professionally facilitated reflective practice groups for participants to address work-related experiences, and increase opportunities for reflection, mutual learning, support, and exchange of information and resources

-Ensure that groups are facilitated by qualified and experienced ILAIMH credentialed Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health professionals who are dedicated to fostering a safe and supportive learning environment

-Respect individuals and diversity

-Uphold high standards of professional communication
* Adherence to confidentiality
* Clear and ongoing communication from the Association and the facilitator regarding group matters, scheduling,
and/or questions related to fee payment

-Offer participants who successfully complete all 10 monthly group sessions:
* A certificate of participation
* The opportunity to earn 12 reflective supervision hours that can be applied towards the 60 hour reflective
supervision ILAIMH Credential requirement

-Offer Early Intervention credits in coordination with Illinois Provider Connections (the number of EI credits is per session and is subject to the approval of Illinois Provider Connections)
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Reflective supervision
Reflective supervision is a particular type of supervision that is focused on the exploration of issues related to the work with infants, young children and their families within the context of a safe, trusting, and supportive relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Jeree Pawl (1998) proposes that reflective supervisor/supervisee relationships are held and guided by the “Platinum Rule”…Do unto others as you would have others do unto others.. In addition, Reflective Practice and Reflective Supervision incorporate other features and principles:

-Consistency. Regularly scheduled meeting times to slow down and talk about work

-Commitment, time, and space to reflect on and talk about work experiences with young children and families, the courage to examine feelings that come up about one’s work and to how these feelings and experiences can affect the work you do.

-Considering multiple perspectives. Learning to put oneself in the baby’s, child’s, parent’s or family member’s shoes, and consider their experience, feelings and views.

-Collaboration as a way to solve problems
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Please keep the above description in mind and discuss your past and current reflective supervision experiences. If you have not had the opportunity to participate in reflective supervision, how do you think it would be helpful to you in your work? (300 words or less) *
Please add other comments or questions about the ILAIMH’s 2019-20 Reflective Practice Group.
Thank you for your interest!
ILAIMH Reflective Practice Groups are generously supported by the Irving Harris Foundation.
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