Please identify (by scientific or common name) each of the items highlighted in a set of photos and then come up with the name of the WWALS waterway where all the photos were taken.

The first person to submit the correct answers wins a packet of WWALS photo notecards from that watershed.

Winners will be listed in the Tannin Times Newsletter that goes to WWALS members each month, as well as in a followup WWALS blog post shared on facebook, Instagram, and twitter.
We will not publish your contact information; just your name.

WWALS charter board member emeritus Bret Wagenhorst, who writes the monthly Biota column in the newsletter, and who designed the notecards, will select the winner and send him or her the packet of notecards.

This contest ends midnight Saturday, May 16, 2020.
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Name this native raptor that can dive into water and catch live fish, has white under its wings making it easier to identify from below, and builds its nests atop trees over bodies of water, like this one shown atop a cypress at dusk. *
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Name the pond plant whose flower is shown here: *
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Name the organization that holds monthly full moon paddles year round on one of its waterways. This photo was from the full flower moon in May 2020: *
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The widened base of a cypress tree, as shown to the right of the canoe in this photo, is called a what? (Hint, medieval cathedrals often have them too). *
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Name the body of water in the WWALS watersheds where all these items/events can be found/occur. *
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