2019 Brannockstown Youth Club Registration & Consents
Brannockstown Youth Club aims to give young people from the area a place to meet, relax, have fun and grow together. The club runs every other Friday night, 7.30pm-9.00pm, for 3rd Class to 1st Years. Each night we aim to have a few different options open to cater towards different ages and preferences, with games, table tennis and pool always on hand, plus crafts, cooking, music nights and more thrown into the mix. The club costs €1 per evening. We also run a tuck shop, with a spending limit of €1. So they'll need no more than €2 per night...

Club leaders need certain information to keep the young people safe and to run the club well. The information you supply is for the use of Brannockstown Youth Club as part of Brannockstown Baptist Church and is not available to other individuals or groups. Printed consent forms will be kept in locked storage in the church halls, and also stored electronically to enable leaders to access relevant details during activities and trips, and to communicate reminders about the programme and changes of plan to parents/guardians. Please do not supply means for direct contact with the young person; we prefer to contact them through you. You or they can also find out what’s going on at www.brannockstownbaptist.com/whats-on/youth-club (where there's a list of dates for the year) and www.facebook.com/brannockstownyouthclub, (where we tend to post any updates or announcements).

FYI We prefer if the young people don't bring mobile phones to youth club. We don't want any photos taken that might end up on social media. Besides that, there is no reception or wifi in the halls, so phones aren't much use anyway!

Brannockstown Baptist Church is a Registered Charity, No. 20003753. Brannockstown Youth Club is registered with KWETB and has received grant funding from the National Lottery, via the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, in keeping with the National Development Plan.
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Please fill in a separate form for each child you wish to register - it's a big help when we need to have info like allergies and contact numbers at hand during the club.
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Almost done... just the small print left! We collect the above information solely for the organisation, risk management and safety of our church activities. Your data will be stored securely by Brannockstown Baptist Church and will only be accessed by appropriate persons for the purposes set out above. Failure to provide accurate personal information and the necessary consent may affect our ability to run activities efficiently. We do not share your information with third parties unless the law requires us to do so. You have the right to request access to/removal of your personal data that we hold. For more information about this and your rights please see a copy of our Data Privacy Policy, which is available at www.brannockstownbaptist.com/data-privacy
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