Application form for MOSAiC Education opportunity for German teachers to join the MOSAiC expedition
The MOSAiC Education team is excited to announce that 2 German teachers (grades 5-13) can participate in the first leg of the MOSAiC expedition (, joining the science team on the Russian icebreaker RV Akademik Fedorov. RV Fedorov will accompany RV Polarstern in identifying the ice floe in which RV Polarstern will be frozen and setting up all measuring stations.
The successful candidate will join the expedition from September 20 to October 26, 2019 (ship-time, excluding traveling days). Port of exit and entry is Tromsø, Norway. Travels to and from Tromsø as well as accommodation/food in Tromsø have to be arranged and paid by the participant. There will be no costs for the teachers on the ship itself.

The selected teachers will be part of the expedition but also take part in lectures of the MOSAiC School offered to 20 Master and PhD students taking place on board the RV Akademik Fedorov at the same time (

It is expected that the teacher
• develop educational materials that can be widely used in German school
• give lectures on teaching methods and how to communicate science in classroom activities
• be an active participant on the ship
• serve as a MOSAiC ambassador after the expedition.

The MOSAiC Education team is seeking applicantions from German teachers with a broad background in science activities and professional involvement indicating excellence in science education. The MOSAiC Education opportunity is open to grades 5-13 science teachers teaching in Germany. All applicants must have at least 3 years science teaching experience in a highschool ("Gymnasium") not including the current school year.

To participate in MOSAiC Education you must be:

• Ready to spend six weeks on a ship in the Arctic and have a time release from his or her school for September 16 to October 28 (no salary support is offered through MOSAiC)
• Prepared to actively engage in all elements of the MOSAiC Education program
• Committed to develop and implement engaging educational materials to bring Arctic science into German classrooms
• Ready to engage in educational activities that will continue beyond the expedition for at least the duration of the year-long expedition
• Prepared to closely collaborate with U.S. and other German educators
• Able to pass a standard physical exam required by the Alfred Wegener Institute
• Willing to share a cabin on RV Akademik Fedorov with three others.

Applicants must have appropriate English language knowledge to converse and develop written and oral content in English. The MOSAiC Education applicant’s principal must submit a letter of support for the application and must indicate that, to the best of his or her knowledge, the MOSAiC Education applicant will be employed at the same institution for the 2019-20 school year. No salary support is offered as part of this opportunity. Applicants will attend an in-person training in summer 2019 and participate in multiple webinars and planning calls with the other educators in preparation for the expedition. Successful applicants must be/become a member of the German Society for Polar Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Polarforschung, DGP).

Application deadline on May 31, 2019.

For any questions, please contact

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Application to participate in the MOSAiC Education opportunity to join the MOSAiC Expedition
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