Year-long Program Application
Foundation Course in Goethean Science
Two 2-week residential intensives (June 24 - July 6, 2019, and tentatively June 22 - July 4, 2020) with guided study and practice during the year

(This course is in English and, unfortunately, we can't accommodate non-English speakers with translation.)
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Curriculum vitae
Please email a copy of your curriculum vitae to seth (at) - OR - give a concise description of your educational and professional experiences below.
Educational and professional experiences:
Tuition is $3,250. We have kept the tuition as low as possible. If you are seriously interested in the course, but your financial situation would prohibit your attending, please apply for financial assistance (below). Some scholarship funds are available.

Also, if you are unable to pay the full tuition up front, it’s possible to pay over the course of the year. In that case, we ask participants to pay $1,000 of their tuition before the course starts (this includes the deposit) followed by either monthly payments ($250) or quarterly payments ($750).

If accepted, all students need to pay a $400 non-refundable deposit in order to hold their place.

Financial Assistance forms can be found here:
Housing and Transportation
We can refer participants to a nearby campground or to local families who rent rooms ($30 to $50 per night). For a list of motels and bed & breakfasts, click here:
Do you want a referral for staying with a local family or camping? *
If yes, for how many nights?
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We provide morning and afternoon snacks. Course participants will be responsible for all other meals. The Hawthorne Valley Farm Store has extensive organic food and deli selections and is within walking distance of The Nature Institute.
Questions? Contact us at:
Telephone: 518-672-0116
Email: seth (at)
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