Science Communication Fellowship
Program Application | Spring 2019
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Participate in the full Science Communication Course at the SD Discovery Center
The Science Communication Fellowship consists of two workshop days and an activity showcase event. The first workshop will be held in March, the second workshop in April and the showcase event in May. Please indicate your availability for the suggested dates below.
Please select all days you would be available
Develop an activity related to your current work
Ample concept development and materials support will be provided by the SD Discovery Center staff, including a phone interview prior to the workshop and another phone meeting between the first and second workshop day for activity development support.
Participate in a minimum of three public programs per year
These public programs can include MEET A SCIENTIST events at the SD Discovery Center, that exclusively features Science Communication Fellows with their activities, other public outreach events at the SD Discovery Center, or other science venues, school programs, Women in Science Conferences, or others.
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