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Monique Sarkessian Welcome Questionnaire and Gift
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Which best describes your age? I ask so I can best serve you.
What are your life interests? Please be as specific as possible.
If I were to create art in one of the following formats (and you had to choose just one), which of the following are you most likely to have bought if it was already available?
When it comes to buying art that reflects your life and what's important to you, what is your single greatest challenge, fear or frustration? Please be as specific as possible.
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What's your best contact information so I can share my special gift with you (Address, Phone, or Email)? I value your privacy and will never share your personal information with anyone. Thank you for your trust!
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Lastly, I may wish to follow up with a few people on the phone personally to better understand your needs. Would you be open to speaking on the phone for a few minutes on the condition that I promise not to sell you anything? If so, would you please leave your phone number below? (This is optional) Thank you!
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Thank you for taking the time to tell me about you. I'll be using your responses to best plan this year's shows and events! I will use this information to meet your needs better. In gratitude, I'm giving you a discount code good for 25% off all paintings and sculpture on my website www.MoniqueSarkessian.com and www.MoniqueSarkessianart.com for the next 30 days. Use code - UNCONDITIONALLOVE25. Your feedback is most appreciated. Warmest Wishes, Monique Sarkessian
Thank You!
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