Desiderata Flex Pen User Feedback Survey
This is your chance to tell me, just me, what you think of your product. I'll use this information to improve everything I do. Please be as complete as you can.
What's your full name? *
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What's your order number? *
If you are a beta tester, write "Tester" here.
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What pen(s) did you order? *
"Mercury: V2, Purpleheart, Cherry" for example. If you don't have or don't know the model name, just describe the pen as best you can.
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Was it a "second"? *
If there were multiple pens, one of them "seconds", check yes, and for future specify which pen you're talking about.
How long have you been using it?
2 weeks, 3 hours a day, for example
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In simple terms, what was your intended purpose for the pen?
Calligraphy, general writing, ornamental penmanship, doodling, drawing, etc.
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How well did it work for your purpose?
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How well does it keep up to your demands? *
Whats' the maximum line width you regularly ask for when you flex the nib? *
How fast are you using it? (Generally) *
1: If I go any slower, I'll get shakiness.
5: Bam, bam, SWOOSH!
What, if any, ink(s) worked well?
Name the ink and brand.
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What, if any ink(s) didn't work very well?
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Why and/or why not?
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