Mindful Strong Product Test
Thank you for partaking in the beta product test for Mindful Strong! Our goal is to create the best online course that teaches people how to stop overthinking. If you may, please answer a few questions about your experience.
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Which of the following do you practice at least once a week?
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Do you struggle with overthinking?
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What type of overthinking do you struggle with the most
Based on what you have seen of the course, can Mindful Strong help you?
What was your favorite lesson of the Mindful Strong test course?
Do you find at least one of the lessons applicable in your life?
The beta is 1/3 of the free final content without video format. The free content is 1/5 of the full course. What would you charge if this was your course?
Your initial reaction upon seeing the last question.
Please let me know if you have ANY other feedback?
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