Social Skills Parent Questionnaire - Part Two
We are currently in the process of gathering feedback to inform the development of our follow up workshop on social skills. We anticipate the workshop to be held in early May.

Please contact Dr. Appelgren or Dr. Mesopotanese if you have any questions.

1. What are some social skills interventions/strategies you are interested in learning more about?
Examples: Social Stories, Social Scripts, Applications/Technology, etc.
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2. What are some skills you are interested in learning more about?
Examples: Making new friends, appropriate eye contact, dealing with conflict, etc.
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3. Please share any scenarios you would like us to highlight during our talk.
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4. Would you be willing for us to share any personal social situations or scenarios involving your child that went well during our talk? If so, list any specific strategies or interventions you found helpful.
Please Note: We would present such scenarios without any identifying information.
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5. Would you be a willing volunteer to share your personal scenario during the discussion?
If yes, please complete questions 6 and 7.
6. Which session would you be available to help present your personal scenario to the group?
7. Please provide your contact information.
Preferred Telephone Number and/or Email Address.
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