Timebank Survey
Help us Better Understand what you’d like to get out of our Community and Timebanking!

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving how we communicate with you, how we interest you with new events and how we can make sure that Taranaki Timebank grows further as a vibrant community of people who care. Please fill in this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous unless you want to provide your name and contact details for future correspondence).

How often do you use Timebank? *
What do you use Timebank for?
Requesting Help with... *
Offering Help With *
Would you be interested in earning Timebank hours on a regular basis by committing to regular Timebank tasks? *
Timebank Space and Presence
Did you know we have an office space in town where we can meet you and collaborate? *
Have you seen our new website http://www.taranakitimebank.nz/? *
How easy do you find using our trade exchange website https://taranaki.timebanks.org/? *
Community Events
We would like to host more Community Events such as cooking, craft, dance classes, working bees etc. in the coming months.
Would you be interested in PARTICIPATING in such an event? *
If so, what kind of event would you like to attend?
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Would you be interested in ORGANISING such an event? *
If so, what kind of event would you like to organise?
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Meetings and Get Togethers
We would like to host more Timebank SOCIAL GATHERINGS in the future. Would you be interested in this? *
If yes, what time of day would you prefer for such gatherings to be held?
Thank you heaps for participating in our survey. Your feedback helps us to better serve you and the community.
If you want us to contact you regarding this survey please provide your name and email address to us.
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