Guest Contributor Application
Thank you so much for your interest in being a Guest Contributor in the "Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy Membership"!

My Name is Ashley Binns, and I get the privilege to work with thousands of Childcare Owners in helping them employ Automated Systems and Processes in their Childcare Businesses and Programs. This allows them to have a quality program for children and families. It also allows them to have a quality of life for themselves which is a HUGE problem in the Childcare Business Industry for Owners and Directors.

My Mission for "Childcare Business Executive Automation Academy Membership" is to offer a Membership that hosts a wealth full of knowledge from experts like you that can help these passionate caregivers move from a Director role to an Owner role, so they can not only enrich the lives of children and families but their own lives.

Topics that are needed to help them do this are:(but not limited to)
** You do not have to be a Childcare Business Expert, Actually, I want to help my members to learn from all industries so they can create unique programs that stand out!**

-Work-Life Balance (Time Management, Energy Management, Organization, Delegation)
-Tech Training for specific software (Zapier, Wordpress, FB Ads, YouTube, etc.)
-Tips for Mom-prenuers
-Accounting, Legal, Personal Finance
-Passive income on the side
-Customer Service
-Management and Leadership(Culture/Team Building)
-Motivational Speakers, Mindset

If this resonates with you, please fill out the information below with as much detail as possible. If I feel that your expertise is a great fit for my membership community, I will reach out to you and we can discuss the scheduling details to have you as a guest.

As a Guest Contributor, you will provide:

-One (1) pre-recorded 30-45 minute webinar, video, or podcast training. This can be either in a PowerPoint style or YouTube Style Video or whatever you’d like. If you prefer podcast style, you can also provide us with a .mp3 audio clip as well.
-Your Amazing Lead Magnet that will be linked right under your training in our membership platform

You will receive the following Exposure to Ashley’s Childcare Business Executive Community of around 10k followers/Subscribers combined.

-Featured in our Weekly Newsletter as our Special Guest
-1 Post on Ashley’s IG, and FB Business Pages
-Ashley always does a corresponding IG/FB Story where she will mention you there as well.
-“Trailer Style” 1-2 Minute Video uploaded to her YouTube Channel as our Featured Guest Speaker where your follow/contact links will be shared.

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