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By filling this form in you are registering interest only - neither you, nor I, have any obligation to work together. If after receiving your application I think you could benefit, I will reach out to book a call with you for you to ask any questions and address any concerns. And find out if you like me. That's important too.
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Have you successfully sold your program or service up to now? ie - do you have at least 10-20 people who have bought and are happy?? *
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Tell me about you. Not business stuff. Fun stuff. Like, do you curse? Will you bring wine to our sessions? Do you covet a particular type of cheese? Let me know some things about you. *
Are you able and willing to commit the time to complete this 8 week coaching program? (90 mins call a week plus the work to actually build it) *
Would you be bringing a team member to any of the calls? If so, who?
Do you understand that should we choose to work together at the beta rate of discounted service, that you will be asked to complete a feedback survey at the end of our time and to provide a testimonial to be used for marketing purposes? *
Are you able to make the financial investment of £2750, in the knowledge that with a successful affiliate launch you are likely to recoup that? *
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