IIEEC Osaka  Application Form: December 2020 , January , February, March 2021    (申込書 2020年 12月 - 2021年 3月分)


Thank you very much for your interest in our workshops and seminars.
This is the application form for the coming events.

【December: Completed】
◎ 1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 2 -The 4 Goals & Review-
  December 20th 10:00-15:00 @ Zoom
Fee: ¥10,000

〇 Mini Study Group Meeting (Online)
January 17th 10:00-12:30 @ Zoom
PK: I don't like~ Lecture: Efficient way to use cards
Fee: ¥3,500

〇 Mini Study Group Meeting (Online)
  February 14th 10:00~12:30 @ Zoom
PK: What's your favorite color? Lecture: Daily Expressions
Fee: ¥3,500

★ Spring Workshop (Online)
  February 14th 13:30~15:30@ Zoom
Fee: ¥4,000

**As for Feb. 14th, if you take the Mini Study Group Meeting in the morning AND the Spring Workshop in the afternoon, we will give you a ¥500 discount and the fee will be ¥7,000

◎ 1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 3 -Role Plays and Learning Activities-
  March 21st 10:00-15:00 @ Zoom
Fee: ¥10,000

【About the personal Information】
The information we get is for IIEEC reference only and will not be used for any other purpose.

【Participant Fee】
We will send you mail regarding where to send the fee after you have registered.
Please be sure that you can receive our email iieec.osaka.sg@gmail.com.
The fee must be received before each event.

【Cancellation and refund】
Cancellation is accepted by the previous Wednesday of each event.
We will deduct the handling fee (500 yen) from the total amount and refund the rest.
We cannot refund you if you cancel after the previous Thursday of each event.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Flyer 12月20日と3月21日のセミナー内容をご確認ください。
Do you plan to attend the "1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 2" on December 20th?12月20日の「1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 2」に参加されますか?(チラシにて概要をご確認ください)すでに申し込みされている方はご記入いただかなくても結構です。
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Do you plan to attend the meeting on January 17th? 1月17日の勉強会に参加されますか?
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Do you plan to attend the meeting on February 14th? 2月14日の勉強会とワークショップに参加されますか? *
Do you plan to attend the "1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 3" on March 21st? 3月21日の「1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 3」に参加されますか?(チラシにて概要をご確認ください) *
If there is any comments or questions, please feel free to write here.  参加されるにあたっての特に知りたいこと、聞きたいこと、またレッスンでのお困りごとなどありましたら、ご自由にお書きください。
Phone number   当日連絡のつく電話番号をご記入ください。 *
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