Mentor Application (Farmers)
The purpose of the Mentoring program is to support beginning farmers by partnering them with experienced regional farmers who can help them develop practical and planning skills in the areas of production, marketing and business management, and connect them to the regional farming community. By serving as mentors, regional farmers will be able to pass on the skills and knowledge that they possess to new farmers and help to build collaboration and community among the farming community. Please, keep in mind, that you may be matched with a beginning farmer with similar interests in enterprises and business models. We ask students not to "copy or steal" ideas, but in the spirit of cooperation, you will be sharing your business information and expertise with another farmer. If this a strong concern for you, then mentorship is likely not a fit at this time.

This is intended as an application to be a Farm Mentor. Once you fill out this application, we will let you know within a reasonable time if you are accepted, based on qualification of relevant farming experience. Once you are accepted, you will need to fill out a Mentor agreement and attend an orientation. If you are an existing Mentor, you are just updating this information for us.

OGS is expanding our Mentor Services this year. This mentorship will take place for one year, January til the following February. during the student's year of attendance. Keep in mind that being accepted into the Farm Mentorship program does not necessarily mean you will be placed with a mentee this year; placement will be based on students learning desires and the amount of mentors we need per year. We will, of course, keep your application for reference for future years. Once an enterprise or specific skill area that students want to develop is identified, OGS staff will help the student select which farm or farmers will be the best match to fulfill their learning objectives. Farm Mentors and students will commit to either 15 or 30 hours of a mix of on farm, phone, and email time specific to the needs of the participating parties. You do receive an honorarium of $500 or $1000. (A separate agreement will be filled out once you are accepted as a mentor).

Please note that this application requires contact information two references that can speak to your expertise and teaching experience.
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Please write a farm introduction, include info on farm start up, years farming, enterprises/products, marketing channels, farming philosophy and methods. (200 words max)
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Indicate the areas you are specifically interested in and able to teach during the mentorship. Check all that apply:
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Why are you interested in being a farm mentor? Explain your experience, passion and capacity for teaching beginning farmers.
Provide the name, email, and phone number for at least 2 references. References can include current or former employees, apprentices, employers, professional partners, or other agricultural professionals that can attest to your experience, ability, and expertise.
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