LATAM@SOCAP16 Investment Roundtables
Investment Roundtables at LATAM@SOCAP are an effort to build a marketplace that makes it easier, faster, and more efficient for values-based investors to connect with values-based entrepreneurs. These 1-hour meetings are intimate discussions facilitated by Agora between the entrepreneur and a small group of interested investors, providing investors with an overview of the business and impact models, growth and operations strategy, as well as capital needed to achieve their vision. Investment Roundtables are not a shark tank, but an opportunity to learn, to share, to build relationships, and we hope to actively engage with a group of extraordinary people from across our hemisphere.

For your reference, brief descriptions of the participating companies are included at the bottom. Once we receive you response you will be invited to the event via SOCAP Pathable application.

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Brief Descriptions of the Participating Companies
allGreenUp incentivizes citizens and employees throughout Latin America to track and reduce CO2 footprints using an application that educates and rewards its users. allGreenup also leverages their user base partner with large corporates, such as Coca Cola and Samsung, on cause marketing and social responsibility programs. 
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $300K; Ask: $500K Equity/Convertible)

Baby Faves Organics is the first Colombian brand developed in response to the gap in the Latin American market for innovative, natural, organic, safe and nutritious baby food. All of its products are USDA Organic certified and have innovative resealable packaging with anti-choking caps, making Baby Faves a high quality, affordable organic alternative for parents. 
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $55K; Ask: up to $500K Working Capital Loan & Growth Equity) is a mobile and online platform that connects citizens with their governments, allowing citizens to report problems, incentivizing their participation in development of solutions, and dramatically increasing government response rates and overall efficiency in the process. 
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $875K; Ask: TBC - currently closing a round)

DevelopLink is a referral platform and data dashboard that provides doctors in Latin America with the necessary data and connections to treat patients more cost efficiently and effectively. The data gathered will also provide key information to help disease mapping and analysis throughout rural Guatemala.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $25K; Ask: $400K Grant & Seed Equity)

GPSGAY brings the LGBT community and culture online by providing its users with a safe space to connect and to find gay-friendly products and services, leveraging curated content where users can share experiences, watch movies online, and learn about the latest news and events. The online platform has proven to be an effective channel for brands that wish to engage with the LGBT community - organizations that have leveraged the platform include the United Nations (UNAids), IBM and Unilever.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $960K; Ask: $300K Equity/Convertible)

Laboratoria empowers young women from low income backgrounds by providing them with access to education and work in the digital sector. This is achieved through a comprehensive and career-focused education approach which not only coding classes where our students acquire technical skills tailored to their particular needs and learning capabilities, but also a personal development program that teaches soft skills.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $600K; Ask: $1MM in Grants)

OINCS is a mobile crowdsourcing platform that enables users to share geo-referenced reports about crime and traffic, informing users of what is happening in the streets and enabling them to make better decisions to save time, money and travel safely. OINCS has over 150,000 registered users and 130,000 user submitted reports.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $10K; Ask: $350K Equity)

PROMESA is dedicated to transforming environmental education in Mexico through development of sustainability and recycling programs for schools and companies, while simultaneously earning revenue through the sale of recyclables collected and "green" advertisements through a growing base of companies with an aligned environmental mission.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $189K; Ask: $250K Mezz Debt)

Purasol designs,distributes,and installs customized solar energy technology, offering their clients training and assistance to get affordable financing options.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $1.5MM; Ask: $500K Working Capital Loan)

Veerhouse Voda provides disaster resilient, environmentally friendly buildings such as family homes, schools, and hospitals, as well as building materials, manufactured at its recently constructed Haitian fabrication facility.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $2MM; Ask: $1.5M Equity & $500K+ Working Capital Loan)

Viogaz is a social for-profit company that markets biodigesters, integrating them into the ecosystem of livestock farms in Latin America to produce clean energy from organic waste.
(Proj. 2016 Revenue: $320K; Ask: $200K Equity)

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