APPLICATION here is specific for JOINING LAKE MACQUARIE U3A ONLY, whose address appears in the banner above, and cannot be used to join other nearby though separate associations including Central Coast, Eastlakes, Maitland, Newcastle or Southlakes U3A. Please visit our website for more information:

IN YOUR APPLICATION for new membership, please provide your preferred first name, your surname, postal address, email address if possible, phone and other information, and $60 subscription payment method.

1. Although we do not formally acknowledge a 'New Member Application', you may assume membership when you have paid the subscription and submitted this application. After you submission is received a link to our comprehensive 'Course Application' form will be displayed where there is a guide to current timing.

2. If you were a Full or Honorary Member of LMU3A within the past two (2) calendar years simply proceed to the 'Course Application' form from our website, but do not use this form as your Contact Details are still in our records.

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Advising us how your annual subscription was paid is essential for cross-referencing our records. This is required before full LMU3A membership or enrolment can be confirmed. Click to view subscription instructions.

IF payment is by direct deposit/bank transfer, ensure your LAST NAME and FIRST NAME are clearly entered in the 'Description' field to correctly identify your payment. IF payment is carried out over the counter, ask the teller to ensure your name transfers in the process. IF payment is by bank cheque, print your full name on the back of the cheque.

1. Check all entries for spelling and/or accuracy.

2. Please DO NOT press 'Submit' before you have double-checked, as it is too easy with this Form to misspell and mistakenly enter slightly incorrect information.

3. Finally, check you have an Internet connection, tick below, then press 'Submit'..

I have checked information entered above to be correct, and agree to abide by the policies, by-laws and constitution of Lake Macquarie U3A. *
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