BASHCon 33 Event Submission Form
This is the official form for submitting an event that you wish to host at BASHCon 33. Submitting this form is not a guarantee that your event will be accepted. Acceptance can be denied based on the discretion of the BASHCon Committee.

(NOTE: If you wish to submit more than three events, please DO NOT fill out this form. E-mail our Programming Coordinator <>)

By filling out the BASHCon 33 Event Submission Form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all of the BASHCon policies (found under the Policies section on

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Full Name *
Your real name. We will use this to identify you at the convention. (This has hosting and reimbursement implications, so double-check to make sure it's consistent!)
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Event Title
This is the formal name of your event. If you leave this blank, we will use the Game Name field as the Event Title. (Do not leave both blank or we will reject your submission.)
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Game Name
The name of the game you are running. (If it's not a game, leave this blank and we'll use the Event Title. Don't leave both blank or we will reject your submission.)
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Type of Event *
The media of your event. If it is of multiple types, you may choose up to three; however, please inform us (via the Comments field) which one your event should be listed as first in the Event Listings.
Event Description *
Describe your event. This is useful for players trying to find a cool thing to do. Please try to limit descriptions to around 200 characters, as we cannot put extensive description in the program guide. If you wish to have a longer description for the website, then include both within this section.
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Entry Fee *
(NOTE: Please enter $1 if you do not wish to charge anything additional to your players.) Change this value if you need to charge your players for your event. (Whole dollar values only.) IMPORTANT: BASHCon takes $1 off the top of each registration. That means if your price is set to $5, you will receive $4 per participant. Please see the Policies page (found at for more details. If you feel that your event should be completely free, please state your reasoning in the Comments field and we will contact you with an approval decision.
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Requested Start Time
Select the time range you would prefer your event be scheduled. While we will try to follow your request, we cannot guarantee exact scheduling times. Please keep in mind that "R-rated" events must start after 8 P.M. If you do not select a preferred time range, we will schedule your event without your input.
Expected Duration *
The expected duration of your event. (NOTE: Please select durations in half-hour increments.)
Comments *
Anything else? Only the convention staff will see your comments. If you need access to outlets, microphones, stage platforms, microphones, or projectors, mention that here.
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