Silverbell Rattery Contract
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I understand that, as with any pet, there are certain risks, such as salmonella and hantavirus, that come with adopting a rat or mouse. I confirm that I have done research into possible health risks associated with pet rats, will observe proper sanitation after handling my pets, and that Silverbell is not held liable for any of these. *
I will not breed my rats/mice. *
My rats/mice are covered for life for genetic health defects and temperament issues. They are also covered for 14 days after purchase for sickness as long as proper quarantine was observed. *
If I have any problems with my rats/mice (health, temperament, or any other issues), I will contact Silverbell Rattery about it because they will give non-judgmental, friendly problem solving. *
If I cannot keep my rats/mice at any point in time, I will contact Silverbell Rattery so they might take the animal back before I rehome it myself. *
If my rats/mice die, develop tumors, or any genetic issue, I will let Silverbell Rattery know. (This is to make sure we are aware of any issues in a line so we can breed only the best rats going forward.) *
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