We will make ourselves heard if we speak with one voice.
Rutgers Students, Workers and Community activists are joining forces Saturday, September 26th at 3pm to demand that our public university and their political and corporate partners take a people-centered approach to the multiple crises of our era. More than 1,000 Rutgers workers have been laid off so far with threats of more layoffs to come, despite the enormous wealth Rutgers hoards in its nearly $1.5 billion endowment and unrestricted reserves. University management in collaboration with developers, politicians and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital are pushing to destroy Lincoln Annex School and send its 760 mostly low-income Latinx students to a warehouse for years to come. Tens of thousands of Rutgers undergrads are being forced deeper into debt to pay fees and tuition, despite learning mostly online and off campus. Finally, Rutgers continues to actively choose investments and practices that deepen our climate catastrophe, which worsens by the day.
So we want to know, and we want Rutgers to know: What are you marching for?
Join us in a masked, physically-distant safe march through downtown New Brunswick on Saturday, September 26th to form a united front to stop the layoffs, save Lincoln Annex, reduce tuition and fees, and stand for climate justice.
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