ETHN198: South Asian Diaspora Studies

Please fill out this form if you are planning on enrolling in CSAP's spring 2015 directed group study: ETHN 198: South Asian Diaspora Studies. The class will be offered Monday/Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 pm in the CCC. It can only be taken P/NP for 4 Units. If you are petitioning this class as a GE requirement, please email your college department.

We may have to limit the enrollment to 25 people. Once you fill out the form we will save you a spot in the class or put you on a wait-list if we get over 25.

This is NOT the official enrollment form, this is a pre-registration form so we know who is going to enroll. Official enrollment for this class will occur after the start of spring quarter through a paper form that will need to be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Here's the course description:
This course seeks to situate the histories of the South Asian diaspora, especially of the South Asian American context, by learning about the impact of colonial history, intersectional politics, media representation of South Asia, and fluid understandings of “community” for South Asian Americans. This course will engage critical pedagogies and a transnational perspective to understand South Asian identities in relation to other minorities, contemporary issues, and long-term historical structures (globalization, colonization, orientalism). 4 Units, Pass/No Pass

In this class, we will be watching movie clips, doing some light reading (along with discussion), and fun projects! Topics include The Model Minority Myth, Representations of South Asia, and Gender Expectations of South Asia, and many more.

Also, the number of students enrolled in this class helps towards petitioning for a South Asian Studies Minor at UC San Diego!

Faculty Advisor- Prof. Kalindi Vora (Ethnic Studies)

(Questions? Please contact your favorite CSAP core member, or send us an email at

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