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Do you have an "Open Farm" policy whereby consumers and admins can arrange a visit to verify your production methods?
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Please read these guidelines carefully.

REKO Admins are volunteers. We cannot enforce any rules but the market is based on trust of the integrity of producers that join this group, for the benefit of all.

As this is a co-created market, please feel free to raise any concerns in the "Other" box.

REKO trusts volunteers to be 100% transparent in all product offerings and production methods.

REKO aims for ethical and earth friendly production and packaging.
We aim for transparency between producer and consumer. The producer should therefore be clear about how food and products are produced. The main focus is on local production and earth friendly where possible.
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No resale may take place - each producer may only sell what they themselves have produced or manufactured from raw materials (eg meat and vegetables, by-products such as skin, wool, wax etc or processed products such as juice, jam, pestos etc.)
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Adverts on Facebook may only contain your own photos. No stock photos.
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If you choose to take a customer out of the REKO Ring for private arrangement, it is to the detriment of the REKO group members, as they may lose potential sales, and to the detriment of the customer because they lose variety in the offering. The entire REKO premise relies on producers supporting one another and providing the best choices for their customer.
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Private existing customers who have no interest in joining REKO, or are not close to the REKO Ring, may remain as such at the discretion of the producer.
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Adverts are posted weekly on the Facebook group with the date and time of delivery. Producers may only post what they have available for that week. Producers who repeatedly cancel or decline orders may be removed from the group. If you cannot attend a collection on a particular week, please do not post an advert.
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Producers are responsible for collecting payment from customers directly. REKO Admins are not responsible. You may request prepayment or payment on collection.
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Delivery takes place at a set time and place. If you cannot attend, please do not post an advert that week. If a customer orders but cannot collect, you may decline the order or make alternative arrangements to meet.
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REKO is about local production, within 100km of delivery site. We encourage the use of local ingredients.
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REKO Process
Each week/second week (depending on agreement between producers), an event is created notifying participants of the group of the next meet up.

Producers post their offerings and consumers place orders in the comments. Producers choose which delivery events they are able to participate in, and the quantities available for sale.

Producers are responsible for collating their own orders and collecting payment.

The REKO model relies on every producer to respond to and collate their orders. Orders not fulfilled may cause consumers to abandon the REKO Ring at the detriment of all producers involved.

Each sales advert must start with the date of delivery, products on offer and a brief description of the growing/raising/manufacturing process.

Customers comment on each producers post with their orders.

All transactions are between the producer and consumer directly. All goods are pre-ordered.

By commenting, consumers are committed to paying for their order at the discretion of the producer involved.
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