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Choose your TOP FIVE action ideas. Rate only them with 1-being the most important and 5-being less important. You can only select 5 ideas.
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I’d like to see a strong and open communication highlighting positive achievements of the School District students, teachers and programs.
I’d like to see more parent and student community involvement opportunities.
I’d like to see more community involvement in the schools through internships, career exploration, mentoring, cultural and tutoring activities.
I’d like to see more cultural and diverse educational events with community involvement.
I’d like to see more exposure to alternative education opportunities s involving businesses, trades, entrepreneurship and environmental agencies for volunteer/job opportunities.
I’d like to see community and educational organizations partner with the school district to communicate ongoing scheduled program and events using social media and other communication channels.
I’d like to see an enhanced library resource center with other community partners to provide education for all ages to promote life-long learning.
I’d like to see more promotion and funding for teacher special projects inside and outside the classroom.
I like to see additional programs for “before care and after care” centers by coordinating with the school district and other community partners.
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