SEM:Tech Interest-A-Lyzer
Below is a list of activities. For each of the items in the list identify how often you do the activity, BUT ONLY activities that you have done on your own time that are not connected with school, your job, or programs organized by your school. *
Studied the groupings of stars.
Studied the weather by tracking temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, or rainfall over time.
Performed on stage.
Started your own business to make money.
Posted a music video on YouTube.
Created an original musical mash-up.
Wrote your own song, opera, or musical.
Created a movie.
Posted an original movie (created by you) to YouTube.
Built or designed a vehicle.
Built or designed a robot.
Emailed a public official or politician.
Learned to play a musical instrument on your own.
Learned a craft (weaving, woodworking, sewing, quilting, jewelry making, etc.).
Planned and cultivated your own garden.
Taught yourself another language.
Created and used your own secret code.
Designed costumes, clothes, or furniture.
Organized a group of people to action (canned food drive, recycling campaign, home goods for active military personnel, community garden, etc.).
Wrote and performed your own comedy routines.
Raised animals to sell or enter into a show or contest.
Closely followed a specific topic in the news (politics, fashion, literature, foreign conflict, etc.).
Designed a physical fitness program for yourself (running, yoga, weight lifting, cycling).
Choreographed a dance routine.
Made and recorded observations of people or animals on a regular basis.
Kept a diary or journal for as long as a year at a time.
Coordinated social events (parties, group outings, trips, vacations, etc.).
Built a substantial collection (stamps, sharks’ teeth, comic books, coins, action figures, etc.).
Created a video game.
Review the above list. Are there any activities that you do that are not on the list? If so, what are they and how often do you do them?
Review the above list. Determine which three activities you do most often and list them here. If you could change what you do most often, would you? If yes, what would you like to spend time doing? If no, why not?
Adapted from Renzulli, J. S. (1977). The Interest-A-Lyzer. Creative Learning Press: Mansfield: CT.
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