Workshop on Science Writing, 19-26 August 2019, Aravind Eye Care System, Madurai
This workshop is organised by Current Science and hosted by LAICO-Arvind Eye Care System, Madurai
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Internet Browsers (Chrome/Mozilla/MS Edge/Opera)
Word processors (MS Word/Open office writer)
Layout tools (eg. InDesign/Scribus)
Image processing tools (Photoshop/GIMP)
The Workshop involves virtual interactions in a Google Group a few weeks before 26 May. It calls for about 15 minutes of your time on working days. Will you be able to spend that time in interacting with other applicants and the trainer, given the flexibility in time at which you access the Net? *
During the Workshop, you may have to work, individually and in groups. What is your preference? *
The Workshop is intensive. You will be immersed in an environment where you are forced to think about writing, from various perspectives. Are you committed to the idea of working at least six hours a day, for five days? *
Please give a short introduction to yourself in not less than 190 and not more than 200 words. This is to test your ability to estimate word count *
About the workshop
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