Bass Media 2020 User Survey
Hello! As we look to the future we're looking to improve Bass Media in ways that can help the patrons who use it. Your feedback is invaluable as we adapt Bass Media to be its best!

The second section will be for feedback specific to the current COVID-19 restricted form of Bass Media, but feel free to comment on the Bass Media you may remember from early Spring 2020 as well!

This survey should take around 20 minutes.
Tell us more about your experience with the items available for loan at Bass Media Equipment Checkout
How well does each category of equipment fit your needs? a 1 indicates that it needs immediate improvement, a 5 indicates that it perfectly satisfies your needs. *
Please note that these categories match the ones in Reservations. If you are unfamiliar with any category, check on or select "N/A". "Satisfying your needs" means the category has all equipment you need for projects, and that they are all working as expected.
Computer & Phone Accessories
Media Accessories
Video Cameras
Still Cameras
Camera Lenses
Tripods, Stands & Light Kits
Drawing Tablets
Audio Equipment
Digital Audio Recorders
Clickers, Remotes & ID Card Readers
Please elaborate on very high scores.
Please elaborate on very low scores.
Is there any equipment or equipment category you would like to see added to our catalog?
What are the most common reasons you need to use Bass Media?
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