Labour Weekend Camp 25th October - 28th October
Labour Weekend 2019 is right around the corner and you'll want to be there! Nestled in the Southern alps is Lake Lyndon lodge, a simple A-Frame structure which will be our campsite for the weekend. The lodge sits on the foot of the lake and is the perfect central hub for activities around the area. If you're looking for a peaceful weekend of fellowship or after an adventure then this camp is for you.

Camp will start after dinner at 7pm on Friday the 25th October and it will finish mid-morning on Monday the 28th October

Can I invite my friends? Absolutely!

How much will Camp cost? Just $110
[please pay to 03 0855 0381128 000 including your First name and initial of last name as reference]

Where is this Camp? Lake Lyndon Lodge (see map below or clink on link :

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