Volunteer Profile, Nottingham BSA branch
This form is to help us guide you to projects or activities you might be interested in at the Nottingham branch. The best way to find out about opportunities is to come to our committee meetings and read the google group (notts-bas-com) emails. You can volunteer for anything that you fancy and you can always ask the Chair, Volunteer Coordinator or other committee members any questions about whether you are suitable for a role.
We would like, occasionally, to be able to highlight particular opportunities to you, depending on your interests, skills or preferences. We will not share this information outside the branch. All questions are options (except your name).
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(These are very broad areas. Very few of our projects are focused on one specific topic.Choose as many as you like.)
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I promise to complete the Volunteer Policy form before taking part in any events. (The Vounteer Policy form can be completed online http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/volunteering-policies-and-information or in person at an event.)
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