Application to be a Prayer Minister or Volunteer with the OCHP
~The OSL Online Center for Healing Prayer (OCHP) has three parts:
1. Prayer Wall - for prayer requests
2. Prayer Appointments in the Zoom Prayer Rooms
3. Calendar of Healing Services - attend an online OSL healing community event

ZOOM HOST Volunteers needed!  

Anyone (OSL member or not) may apply
Instead of completing this form, please click here for the application specific to Zoom Hosting:  

PRAYER WALL Volunteers
Write responses to prayer requests on the Prayer Wall.  Pray blessing and protection for the Prayer Wall and its intercessors.  
Applications are currently being accepted.  OSL members who are interested should complete this application to indicate their interest to volunteer.  Thank you!  


Volunteer as a Prayer Ministers
Teams of OSL Prayer Ministers offer individual, confidential prayer in Zoom Breakout Rooms

Intercede off Zoom (while the Zoom Prayer Rooms are open)
Sign up to pray for the prayer ministers and prayer recipients of the Zoom Prayer Rooms.  Pray from home - before and during specific prayer sessions.  You would not be present in the Zoom Prayer Appointments.  
(Additional opportunity:  To sign up for the monthly Gathering of Intercessors on Zoom for a time of fellowship and prayer for OSL, please click here:  Led by Dr. Elizabeth Allen.)

Application enrollment is currently closed for the Zoom Prayer Rooms, but you may email to let us know that you are interested when enrollment opens and the next training is scheduled.  

The application process involves an interview and calls to references.  Please be patient as this process takes several weeks.  In addition, all applicants should make an appointment to receive prayer in the Zoom Prayer Rooms.  While you are waiting for the application process to begin, we invite you to make a prayer appointment to see what the Zoom Prayer Rooms are all about.

***Next Training!  Spring 2023 for Zoom Room Prayer Ministers***

Training Schedule:  
Part 1: Weekend Intensive (dates TBD)
Topics: Type of healing prayer, inner healing, blocks to healing, generational bondage, and forgiveness
Friday evening from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET
Saturday from 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM ET

Part 2: Weekly "Practicum" (Dates TBD)
Mock Prayer Rooms
4 Thursday evenings 7:00 - 9:00 PM ET

Thank you!  Mary Perry, Training Coordinator for the Zoom Prayer Rooms

As Christians who are members of OSL we recognize only one source of healing: the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who perfectly revealed his healing power in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and Savior.  OSL affirms the medical and behavioral health ministries, as they are also instruments in which God’s healing power is manifest.  

Contact with any questions.  Thank you!  
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What OSL Region are you a part of? *
Are you part of an active OSL healing community? *
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What is the name and email of your current OSL Healing Community Convener?  This is the group leader of your in-person or online OSL group. *
 (If none, please explain.)
Reference 1:  Name and email address.   *
Please give the names and email addresses of two people who can be a reference to you as a prayer minister.  This can include your chaplain, OSL convener, or other leader in OSL.  These should be people who have prayed with you and been present with you while you have prayed with others.  We may contact them as part of the application process.  
Reference 2: Name and email address *
See above
How long have you been involved in the healing ministry and in OSL and in what capacities?  (Please give a brief history.) *
Why are you interested in being a volunteer and/or prayer minister for the online healing center?   *
Do you have gifts in another area in which you feel called to help out for the Online Center for Healing Prayer?  Check all that apply and specify below.  We welcome other ideas for helping, too!  
Prayer Wall Volunteer *
Prayer Wall Intercessors write responses to prayer requests on the Prayer Wall.  They pray blessing and protection for the Prayer Wall and its Intercessors.  To volunteer, you will choose a day of the week and dedicate 10-15 minutes to intercede for and respond to the requests on that day each week.  You can see the prayer wall here:
Intercessor while the Zoom Prayer Rooms are open *
Volunteers sign up to pray for the prayer ministers and prayer recipients of the Zoom Prayer Room.  Intercessors pray from home - before and during specific prayer sessions.  Rather than being present in the session, intercessors spend time communing with the Lord, listening carefully, and responding to the Holy Spirit's guidance about how to pray for those involved.  
Zoom Prayer Room Volunteer *
Teams of 2-3 volunteers will pray for individuals via Zoom Breakout Room to offer individual, confidential prayer.  Often these prayer sessions last 30 minutes each.  The prayer rooms are open for 2 hours at a time.  This is a mentorship program, which offers all volunteers the opportunities to grow.  Various volunteer positions are available, including Zoom Host, Intercessor in the Breakout Room, Assisting Prayer Minister, Lead Prayer Minister, and Intercessor off Zoom.  
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