Skype English - Teacher Recruitment
- We are a small online English school based in the UK with mainly Italian students
- We are looking for independent teachers (freelancers) to collaborate with us on Skype English courses
- The pay is 150 euros per 10-hour cycle
- Cycles last 10 hours
- You should be a confident, friendly, enthusiastic and tech-friendly teacher
Your curriculum vitae
Before answering the other questions please email us your CV.

You can send your CV by email to
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Do you speak Italian? *
Many Moxon English students are Italian and we appreciate teachers who speak Italian although it isn't necessary
You and your experience
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Name three essential 'ingredients' for an excellent English lesson on Skype. *
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Technical stuff
Test your broadband speed on and post the link to your result below. *
Remember to stop other applications that are downloading first (as you would during a Skype lesson). After the test has completed click 'Share this result' and simply copy and paste the URL below.
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Do you have a webcam and a good quality audio system (mic and speakers or headset)? *
Do you have a fast and reliable Mac or Windows computer? *
What internet browser do you mostly use? *
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Working as a Skype English teacher doesn't involve being an employee on the payroll but working for us as a freelance teacher. This potentially means building up your hours slowly or working with us to supplement your income from other activities. This requires flexibility and an ability to manage your own workload and organization.
What are your current commitments? *
Specify what work and projects you have at the moment and how many hours per week they take up.
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What sort of hours are you looking to teach for us? *
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