Registration/deregistration form WOEST 2023-2024
This form can be used to either register for a membership of the student survivalrun association WOEST, or deregister from your membership of the past year(s).

For everyone that is going to register to become a WOESTeling:
Glad to see you want to become a member of WOEST! Before you submit this form, it is important you  follow these steps:
1. Purchase yearly student sports rights at Sports Centre the Bongerd (in order to become a member of WOEST, you need student sports rights. Take a look at the website of SCB the Bongerd to see if you qualify to buy them if you are not sure) You can purchase sportsrights online at the website of SCB the Bongerd, but  also at the desk of the Bongerd.
NOTE: you need yearly student sportsrights for a membership at WOEST. Monthly sportsrights are insufficient.
2. In order to be insured, you need to be a member of the Survivalrunbond Nederland (SBN) for the hole time you are a member of WOEST. We therefore strongly advice to chose the full year membership (and against the 6 week membership). A membership can be purchased at the website of the SBN by clicking on “Word seizoenslid!”.

Now you can become a member of WOEST by submitting this form. See you at the track! WOEEEST!
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