Lakewood Park Tennis Center Phase 1 Reopening
This document is required and is a reminder that when people say "we are all in this together" it's not just a bunch of words. As a public amenity, LPTC really needs your help. And appreciates you. Help us run this public Tennis Operation in a community manner, with a respectful following of the rules and regulations, all in the name of staying safe, helping and protecting each other, and being allowed to continue to stay open.

There are many new rules in our "new normal". Many of the rules below revolve around two primary issues:
a.) Occupancy Limits - maximum # of people allowed at the facility at one time
b.) Shared Equipment - multiple people sharing the same tennis ball which is a possible carrier of germs

General Rules:
• Tennis Hut will allow a max of one customer at a time.
• Tennis Player will bring his/her own water. Water stations will not be available.
• Participants must wear masks to enter the Pro Shop; and masks are encouraged before and after play.
• LPTC will offer "No Touch Lessons" – where there is ZERO shared touching of tennis balls.
• Double and Singles play court reservations permitted. By Appointment Only.
• When playing singles, each player must have or purchase their OWN SET of tennis balls. Doubles matches are encouraged to have 2 designated balls per player.
• Tennis Player will plan to leave promptly after Tennis Play. (no socializing at the facility)
• Tennis Player may re-locate to a different, allowable section of Lakewood Park; away from the tennis area. (Some participants want to stretch after play)
• There will be no squeegees or score trees on the courts.
• Do not touch tennis balls in a Tennis Lesson or Small Group Class; use sanitized Ball Hoppers.
• Please stay home if you are expecting any symptoms as listed by the CDC Guidelines.
• Please do not enter the facility if you have any symptoms or exposure risks as listed by the CDC Guidelines.
• Ball machine must be sprayed down by participant after using the machine.
• Customers are also encouraged to bring and use hand sanitizer.
• All participants must read our rules and sign digitally.
• All participants observe Social Distancing minimums of 6ft at all times.
Failure to comply with these rules and guidelines may result in LPTC staff and/or law enforcement asking you to leave the premises.

Limited Activities:
1) Tennis Lesson - is an approved activity. All lessons are "No Touch" Lessons. The Tennis Pro will be the only person physically touching the balls with their hands. Customers can assist in pick-up with use of Ball Hoppers and Ball Mowers. This equipment is sanitized after each lesson. Lessons are allowed to be private (1 customer) or a semi-private (2 customers). All requests for a 3 person or more lessons must be approved in writing from the Tennis Director, Libby Geelan or a Manager on Duty. LPTC will offer at select times 3 person classes for $25/per person.

2) Ball Machine - is an approved activity. Customer will sanitize the Ball Machine buttons and dials with the supplied Sanitizer and wipes after use. LPTC will have one tennis court as a full-time BM court and will have a secondary ball machine to be used in select situations. A Ball Machine rental is for an individual only. A shared (2 person) Ball Machine must be approved in writing from the Tennis Director, Libby Geelan or a Manager on Duty. Ball Machine prices are $15/hr.

3) Regular Court Time - is an approved activity only when EACH PLAYER HAS THEIR OWN SET OF BALLS. All court time is by appointment only. Courts are booked online through the LPTC website. Individual balls should be marked clearly with a Permanent Marker to differentiate. LPTC has cans of balls for sale, and permanent markers available in the Pro Shop. Regular Court time will be available to book online on a "Day Ahead" basis. (Example: A court on Wednesday can be booked on Tuesday.) Court Time is still $6/hr in non-prime (before 4pm on weekdays) and $8/hr in prime time (all other times)

We are cautiously optimistic about reopening LPTC; however, safety is absolutely our first priority so we must all adhere to these guidelines. If even one person does not follow the guidelines, we are faced with the possibility of having to close LPTC entirely and most importantly endangering the safety of our community.
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