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Canopy NWA is launching its Good Neighbors mentorship program in May 2019. This program will pair 25 adult newcomers in our community to 25 well established community members to help them increase their sense of connectedness to the community and help them achieve 1-2 focused objectives for themselves or their families. These goals can be anything from improving their English skills to creating a college savings account. The goals just have to be focused. The program will last for three months starting in May 2019 and ending in July 2019.

Mentors must commit to three months of mentorship with at least one in-person meeting with the mentee each month. Mentors must have a car in case the mentee needs a ride to mentorship meetings. Mentors must be a well established community member, meaning that you are comfortable and familiar with navigating community services in NWA. Undergraduate students are not eligible to apply. Graduate students may apply. Please email Jessica at if you have any questions. To be considered please apply by April 29th at 5PM.

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