Georgetown University J-1 Academic Training Evaluation
Your completion of this form ensures that Georgetown University is compliant with federal regulations, and is essential to Georgetown University's continued sponsorship of J-1 status.

IMPORTANT: This form must be submitted by all three parties (student, AT supervisor, GU academic advisor) for each period of Academic Training. If a student works or interns for multiple organizations, the form must be submitted for each organization. If a student works or interns at the same organization over multiple noncontinuous periods, this form must be submitted for each period.

For example, you might describe which assignments or projects were undertaken, how performance was measured, and/or what skills were developed. You should describe how the Academic Training imparted knowledge and practice essential to one's formation and development in this particular field of study.

This form must be submitted no sooner than one week prior to and no later than five days after the end date of a period of Academic Training.

[22 CFR 62.34(f)(6)]
"The sponsor must evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the academic training in achieving the stated goals and objectives in order to ensure the quality of the academic training program."
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