Laser Cut Request
Laser cutting is a subtractive digital manufacturing process that is very useful for rapid prototyping and project creation. In order to bring your idea to fruition a few things are required:

*A brief description of what is trying to be accomplished.
*Drawing files or images that capture what you would like to cut need to be created and specified.
*Specification of the material that you would like to cut on is also necessary.

Spencer Lab's laser cutter can perform cutting operations on papers, woods, plastics, and fabrics that range up to 1/4". Custom materials will need to be checked in order to comply to safety standards. Other special requests can also be considered. If your project will use a decently large amount of material, bigger than 11" x 8.5", or it is something that is not in stock then it must be provided. Provided cutting materials must be able to fit inside of the laser cutter's bed. It's size is 24" by 18".

File formats can range from Solidworks drawing files to various image formats such as .jpeg. If Solidworks is being used then please use the following link to properly save your drawing so that a 1:1 format is preserved:
******Please stop at step 7 if a saving Solidworks file. it is not necessary to use Autocad!!!!****

All of this information must be emailed to

Allow at least up to 5 days for your request to be fulfilled. Most requests are dealt with promptly, but please plan ahead accordingly.

Complete the following form to ensure your request is met.

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