Troop 351 Popcorn Sales
This is a quick 4-question poll to understand how the Troop feels about popcorn sales strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scouts, please consult with your parents before filling out the form, to make sure they are comfortable with your answers. Parents and troop leaders/committee are also encouraged to provide their feedback.

Context: In-person (i.e., show-and-sell) popcorn sales can start on 28 August. In addition, online direct sales have already started and are highly encouraged and incentivized by Trails End (double rewards points!). The Trails End app also has been upgraded this year and allows touchless in-person credit card sales (a link to enter card info is texted to the customer).
1. We don't know yet whether local corporate box stores will allow scouts to sell popcorn outside their front doors. However, even if we could not sell in front of Kroger, etc., we may be able to set up tables outside other locally owned businesses. If we were able to sell in front of stores, would you or your scout participate? (We would enforce proper precautions - e.g., masks, sanitizer, distancing, touchless credit card sales, etc.) *
2. If you plan to do wagon (i.e., door-to-door) sales of popcorn this year, would you want some of the show-and-sell product to take with you or your scout? (You would be expected to take proper precautions - e.g., masks, sanitizer, distancing, touchless credit card sales, etc.) *
3. Like last year, the main rewards are Amazon gift cards whose value increases with your popcorn sales (see rewards @ What is your (or your scout's) personal popcorn sales goal this year? (For informational purposes only, you are not committing yourself.) *
4. Do you have any other comments or suggestions about popcorn sales this year?
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