Community Church of New York Religious Education for Children & Youth Registration 2021
Welcome to The Community Church of New York Religious Education for Children & Youth!

During the COVID-19 pandemic our programs have been shifted to on-line spaces. This is an important step to continue building relationships and growing spiritual practice among our children and youth in the congregation. We're so glad you're here!

At Community, we practice the following policies and we encourage RE Families to follow these policies as well:

What we ask of parents:

- Do not leave children unsupervised during ZOOM sessions. You don't have to sit with them, but be within earshot in case of technical issues or questions.
- Video should remain ON for the duration of the RE session. This is so that the children build relationships and stay connected to each other and their teachers.
- Children should be fully clothed before coming onto Zoom calls.
- There will always be a RE teacher present in the zoom room. Children will never be alone during an RE zoom session. Please ensure your child logs on to the zoom room at the correct time to help us with this.

What RE teachers will do on our end to prevent any problems from occurring:

- There will be two RE teachers hosting the zoom call
- RE teachers will have security controls as host and co-host of the meetings
- RE Teachers will turn off private chat on Zoom to prevent private inappropriate conversation
- The screen sharing function will be allowed for children/youth only when they’ve received permission to share a project or RE relevant item
- No outside individuals will be able to attend class sessions without the invitation link to Zoom call

We encourage all parents and caregivers to actively participate in their child's Religious Education experience.

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime, for anything. Email

Peace & Blessings,

Jil Novenski
Director of Religious Education for Children & Youth
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Sometimes we like to send something fun for kids in the mail. In the age of distancing, this can be a great additional way to create a sense of connection to our spiritual learning communities!
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At Community we encourage volunteer participation. Please let us know any areas of passion or expertise you may be willing to share in our programs!
At Community we are always looking to grow programs that lift up and support the unique experience that is parenting. Please let us know your level of interest in the following areas.
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Would you be interested in joining our Religious Education Support Team which meets once a month for an hour? *
R.E.S.T. is a team of volunteers from different areas of church life, including youth, elders, council members and parents or guardians who are interested in supporting and contributing to the vision of the Religious Education Director for Children & Youth. The meetings are once a month for an hour. Team members will have opportunities to contribute their talents, passions, resources, connections and creative ideas to programming as they can, build community together, and have fun being a part of church growth!
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