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Thank you so much for your interest in Out in Tech U's Youth Mentorship Program!

The program is designed to support those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community as they begin their careers in technology. Those selected to participate will be paired with a mentee who is developing their career in technology. Mentors should be prepared to assist their mentee with career development, technical training, and/or professional networking. In addition to practical career skills and advice, you may find that some of the mentees will ask for emotional support as they navigate sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Fall 2021 cohort runs for 8 consecutive weeks, beginning October 4th.

Up until now, the program has been open to any individual located within the US. This year we are planning a small pilot for UK-based mentee-mentor pairs to test expansion!
See the section below on background checks for eligibility, and reach out if you have any questions!

Mentees will works towards the completion of a project throughout the course of the eight weeks. Mentorship generally consists of two, 1-hour one-on-one sessions with your mentee each week. We suggest you collaborate with your mentee on the content of each session that most benefits them and structure the time as follows:

Session 1: This session will be focused on the development of a technical skill (e.g. intro to programming, how to run a social media campaign, how to build a website, etc.) that pertains to your area(s) of expertise.

Session 2: This session will pertain to the development of a core (career-building) professional skill (e.g. how to write a resume, preparing for interviews, etc.).

Time requirements: Approximately 3 hours/week, with some upfront training and kickoff preparation.

So, tell us a little about yourself :) This information is being used for evaluation purposes and won’t be shared with a third-party without your consent.

Note: if you are accepted as a mentor, we'll run a background check at our own expense (this helps ensure the safety of the youth in your program).

US applicants: will need a US social-security number and be based in the US.
UK applicants: will need to be a UK citizen or permanent resident and be based in a UK time zone.

Deadline to apply: August 20th, 2021.
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