EMN - Bounty Selection Round (End 20.12.2017)
Features: 1. Facebook Group Share 2. Twitter Tweet 3. Article Write 4. Translator 5. Youtube Video 6. Donation. Read the form carefully. You will give only those information which bounty program you wanna Participate. If you have any question feel free to tell us on our telegram or bitcointalk. Bounty Donation Address: 0xa4B3dd912880a83d90f9d1c789bfd6553b67645a
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For Youtube: Youtube any video Link you made previous
For Article Writer: Give a Link you Write article in the past.
For Donation: Your Wallet Address (Mew / Mist / Parity) OPEN FOR ALL (Donation Address: 0xa4B3dd912880a83d90f9d1c789bfd6553b67645a )
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