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Covid Policies
We ask that all students who are comfortable wearing masks, please do so during class time. If your student is not comfortable wearing a mask, that is okay, we will not pressure or draw attention to anyone.

☆ All doors will be propped open upon class opening. If the doors are close, please wait for the doors to be open before entering.
☆ We will have a hand sanitizing station at the entrance of the studio.
☆ Students will have access to the washrooms before, during and after class.
☆ Our instructors will be masked at all times and teach from a safe distance.
☆ Our classes will be reduced, with socially distant seating, to a maximum for 6 students.
☆ All students who are able to wear a mask for the duration of class are appreciated, so that those who can't for personal reasons can still attend safely. No one will be asked or questioned about their choice.
☆Students will be welcome to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to class, and should be picked up no later than 5 minutes after class.
☆ We ask that parents walk students to the door of the studio but do not enter during drop-off, unless necessary. It is advised that if you need to speak to Lacie, or another instructor, to please do so after class, unless absolutely necessary.
☆ During pick up, we ask that parents stand in front of the window looking into the Studio, and refrain from entering. We will send your child(ren) out to meet you.
☆ For our parents who usually stay in our lounge during class, we are discouraging this, unless absolutely necessary, to reduce studio crowding.
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We ask, if you are able, to please check your student(s) temperature prior to attended class
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