COOL FUN STUFF | November 2017 | Ensemble Video vs. Tegrity: How do they meet my need for online instructional videos?
Have you heard about Ensemble Video, but are still unsure how to use it in your teaching activities? Curious about how Tegrity compares with Ensemble and how you might optimize the use of both of these video platforms for your teaching activities? Well, then please attend November Cool Fun Stuff! 

Attendees will: 
- differentiate between the Tegrity and Ensemble Video platforms 
- understand the best educational uses for Tegrity and Ensemble Video
- be able to describe the basic functions of Tegrity and Ensemble Video
- be able to use the most basic functions of Tegrity and Ensemble Video
- be able to find new menu items and ask for advanced help using Tegrity and Ensemble Video.

Presenter: David del Pino Kloques, Assistant Director, Business and Academic Systems

Date: Wednesday, November 15 | Time: 12-12:50 pm | Place: Mary Moody Northen 1.102


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Sponsored by the Office of Educational Development

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