DenFur 2021 Attendees Feedback
Thank you for attending DenFur 2021. We enjoyed hosting this amazing con for you all. We know there were a few bumps in the road, but want to make sure we listen and fix things for next year!
Please fill out this feedback form with any suggestions or comments you have on each section about DenFur 2021. If you do not have any suggestion about one area please answer n/a
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DenFur 2021 Website : What other information would you like us to post on our website as an attendee? *
DenFur 2021 Hotel - Sheraton Downtown : Please share the experience you had with your room, the con spaces, the hotel staff, etc.
DenFur 2021 Charity : Did you like this year's charity? Do you know a local charity that can use help for DenFur 2022? *
DenFur 2021 Registration/Badge Pick Up: Do you feel you paid a fair value for what you received? *
DenFur 2021 Artist Alley/Dealers Den : What suggestions do you have to improve or have for the Artist Alley and Dealers Den? *
DenFur 2021 Main Events/Panels : Any ideas or suggestion for the panelist or for main events that you would like to attend? *
DenFur 2021 Photo Booth : Do you any suggestion for props for the photo team or ideas of great pictures to be taken? *
DenFur 2021 Con Ops/Security: What improvement would you like from Con Ops? *
DenFur 2021 Merchandise/Package Perks What was your favorite perk? Is there something different you'd like? (What level registration were you?) *
DenFur 2021 Staff : Who did an amazing job that you want to shout out to or did you have an issue with a staffer? *
DenFur 2021 Guests of Honor : Do you know a local fur or local artist that is making an impact in the Colorado Community that might be good for GOH? *
DenFur 2021 Social Media/PR : What social media did you find helpful for finding DenFur information? What platform works best for you? *
Any other suggestions or comments *
Please leave your email if you'd like us to reach out and talk about these issues, gather particulars and your opinions ect
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