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We are SO excited to see if you are a good to join us inside of Scale Up Squad Accelerator!

Please complete the following questions thoroughly and honestly. There is no "right" answer but the more information we have about you/your business the better we will be able to guarantee you are the perfect fit for this beta program.

If you are accepted you will receive a Private Training for the accepted applicants only and will be invited to enroll in the program.

Liz + The LB Team

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Q1: What does your current business structure look like? (Do you currently have a booked out 1:1 client list? Do you have a course or membership, or group program? What services do you provide?)
Q2: Do you want to scale a Course or a Membership Site? *
Q3: What is the price point of your offers and/or services? (This is not the right fit for tiny offers. Scale Up works best for offers at $197+ or $25/month memberships) *
Q4: By the end of your program, what amazing result has your student achieved? (no sales page or website links needed - a detailed explanation is perfect!) *
Q5: Do you have a proven offer or product/service people love?   *
Q6: How much revenue do you want to generate from your program every month once on evergreen? (We aim for at least $10K/month you'll learn step-by-step how to get there) *
Q7: On a scale from 1-10 how ready are you for scalable systems in your business? *
Q8: By the end of our time together, what would you like to have in order to feel like this program was a success? *
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