Foster Application
Thank you for applying to the Foster Program at the Special Needs Animal Rescue League. Please complete this application with as much detailed information as possible. There is a separate section at the bottom, if you are open to assisting with transporting animals in your area, please fill this out also. 
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Full Name: *
Phone Number *
Address (Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code) *
Names, ages, phone numbers and emails of all adults in the home: *
Are all adults aware of and agree with your intent to foster? *
How many children in the home? Please list their ages.
Emergency Contact (Name, phone number, email) *
Have you or anyone in your household ever been convicted of a crime for which a pardon has not been granted?
If you answered yes above, please provide details:
What is your main method of transportation (click all that apply)
Do you rent or own your home?
If you answered rent, do you have your landlords permission to have animals in your home?
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Does your landlord/condominium board have any restrictions on animals you can bring in? List all that apply
What type of building do you reside in?
Have you ever surrendered or given away any animals?
Do you have a fully fenced yard? *
List all animals currently in your home (fostered or owned)
Include age, species, gender, spayed/neutered, date of last vaccine, and if they have been exposed to, treated, or recovered from any infectious disease (please make note if you’ve had any pets pass from an infectious disease as well). SNARL requires all pets in home to be up to date on vaccines. Please note, proof may be requested. While we can send fosters to home with intact animals, please note that restrictions may apply to which fosters you can take.
Have you had any of your pets declawed/debarked/cropped/docked?
Do you have experience fostering? If so, please provide details on which types of animals, and what organization you fostered through.

Are you currently fostering with another organization?
I am interested in providing foster care to: (select all that apply)
How many hours a day will the foster be left alone? *
Are you comfortable administering medications to animals? (ie. pills in pill pockets, oral liquid suspensions)
Do you have a space to house your foster separately from resident pets?
Please explain where you plan to house your foster when you or someone is not home (the animal is alone):
How do you plan to handle your foster pet's exercise needs?
Please describe your philosophy to dog training for obedience and for manners around the house:
Please describe your philosophy to training a cat (deterring unwanted behaviours like clawing furniture or house soiling);
Please indicate what experience, if any, you have in the healthcare and handling of animals (behaviour training, pet first aid, etc.)
If you have an Instagram/Tiktok account, please include it here so we can connect:
I understand that as a foster parent for SNARL, it is my responsibility to be aware of and abide by all current regulations pertaining to the Foster Program. I understand that all animals that I foster through SNARL are the property of SNARL and will remain so until such time as the animal is legally adopted through SNARL. I understand that SNARL reserves the right to inspect my home at any time and may remove foster animals at their discretion. I understand that if I need to return my foster animal at any point throughout my placement, I need to give SNARL up to 14 days to secure a new foster placement and will provide safe and loving care of the animal until it is returned. Filling out this application does not guarantee a foster placement. We appreciate your interest in joining the SNARL team!
Transport Volunteer
If you are also interested in assisting with transport for pups in care, please fill out the section below. If you are interested in foster only, please leave this section blank. All transport costs (gas, hotel, meals), are covered by SNARL. 
Are you open to flying, driving or both?
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How many hours are you open to driving one way? Please note that all overnights stays (hotel, meals) are covered for longer trips. 
What make/model is your vehicle? 
Have you transported animals previously?
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Please tell us what your availability is like (Ie. work M-F, available for weekend travel)
Please provide us with two personal references, including their Name, Phone Number, Email & Relationship *
Thank you! Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding Fostering/Transporting. 
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