Street Team Sign Up for The Emotional Wound Thesaurus Release (October)
We are so appreciative for your interest in helping us launch The Emotional Wound Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Psychological Trauma. You guys rock! Just fill out the questions below when you have a minute. :)

As with all our launches, there are many ways you can join in. In a week or so, I will email everyone and explain more about this event and our theme. We try to do as much work as possible so you aren't giving up too much of your writing time to be involved. If you decide you'd rather not participate, no worries--we always have a way to opt-out. :)

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Our theme for this launch is success stories. Just like characters who must overcome their own difficulties, we want to celebrate their creators: the writers who defeat writing obstacles & achieve important writing goals. If you have an idea that could work well with that, please share it. :)
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We love learning from you. If you have another marketing idea that is creative, different, or just really well-suited to our description thesaurus books, let us know!
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